1958 Cadillac Eldorado – SOLD

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1958 Cadillac Eldorado in the original “Desert Bronze” color. Befitting a car named for the legendary ‘City of Gold’, Eldorado stood at the top of the Cadillac lineup. 1958 was the second and final year for inboard “shark” tailfins. Whether the Seville Coupe or Barritz Convertible, both Eldorados carried the same sticker price: $7500. They were equipped with every power accessory available on any car of the 1950’s, including: air- ride suspension system, exclusive 15″ Kelsey-Hayes turbine wheels, an electric eye self-dimming system for the new 1958 quad headlight setup, and the first all-transistor, signal-seeking car radio produced by GM’s Delco Radio.

129.5″ wheelbase

223.5″ long (just short of 19 feet)

365 cubic inch engine displacement

310 HP at 4800 rpm

Only 855 of the Seville Coupes were ever made and this one is in amazing condition. Vin# 58H081748

Sale price is $79,900

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