1970 Chevrolet Impala

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1970 Chevrolet Impala Last Fourth Generation 

1970 was the final year of the fourth-generation superstar seller for Chevy. The six-cylinder engine was now only available on four-door sedans as a 250-horsepower Turbo-Fire V8 became standard for bigger-engined trims. Dropped from the Impala this year were the floor-mounted four-speed manual and the Strato bucket seats. At this point, buyer interest in larger sport coupes was dwindling, the Super Sport model was cut after the 1969 model year. In 1970 the Impala received the usual facelift which resulted in minor changes to the front, rear and sides. The front bumper was replaced with a split grille theme. The leading edge of the front fenders was squared off so they no longer played a dominant role in the front end design. The three distinctive taillights were on each side and once again recessed within the bumper. A new big block was introduced in 1970- the 454. Two variants were available: one rated at 345hp and the other at 390hp. Next in line was the 300hp 350ci and the 265hp 400ci. The 307 was the basic mill. If you ordered the Impala custom coupe, it was outfitted with front disc brakes, but other Impalas received drum brakes on all four wheels.


  • Power Steering
  • Manual Brakes
  • A/C
  • One Owner Car
  • VIN: 164370S118098
  • Engine Turbo-Fire 350
  • Newer Exhaust

Listing Price of $10,500


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