1931 Cadillac V16 Convertible

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This car is beyond beautiful. An 15 year-old rebody restoration that runs, drives and looks AMAZING! Completely rebuilt inside and out, this rare classic speaks for itself!

The luscious caramel colored body with the chocolate fenders make this as delicious to look at as it is to drive. Every head turns when this car goes by, Asking Price of $495,000. Original chrome spoke wheels wrapped in “gangster” whitewalls, original rear luggage rack, storage hatch for the golf clubs and a V-16 engine with every possible surface chromed. With the top up or down, the gorgeous lines of this car are a monument to early car engineering.

Without question, the Cadillac V16 is one of the most highly sought-after cars built during the classic era. Cadillac’s introduction of a 16-Cylinder motorcar for 1930 has remained an engineering marvel held in the highest esteem. This, coupled with the continued elegant styling of the Fleetwood Body Corp. has culminated in the perfect marriage of performance and beauty.

The particular Fleetwood Roadster was part of the Thomas Cadillac Collection.

Originally, this car left the factory as a sedan, and has since been fitted with a newly built style 4302 Roadster body. In 1930, the lowest price for the V16 car available from Cadillac was the Roadster model. As such, even when new, a few of these Roadsters were used by dealers like Don Lee Cadillac for custom body jobs. The Roadster, limited in production, continued to be a highly sought after style, both sporty and fun. The desire to own them only increased over the years – so, if a Roadster was not available on the market and it was unknown how long the wait might be before one came up for sale, some less patient individuals would set out to have one built for them utilizing a less desired V16 Bodied car. As you can imagine, that was the case with this car. This vehicle comes with a great history too. You see – it is not a collection of parts from several sources, but a true and complete low mileage car. This was always a Southern California car – the condition of the chassis is proof of that. No pitting anywhere on the running gear and the frame is exceptional. It is an older restoration but is still in very nice condition. Although the coachwork is not original to the car, the reproduction Roadster body is exceptionally well done. The new metal body was fabricated by Marcel Delay in Southern California. Marcel is among the most skilled craftsmen on the West Coast. Born in Belgium and trained as a coach builder, he moved to the States in the 1960’s only to become one of the most skilled and highly respected custom metal fabricators in the business. For the requested asking price of this car, which is much less than these models command as they rarely appear at market, you will be getting an exceptional value.

VIN# 702201


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