1973 Triumph GT6 MK3 SOLD!

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The final major face-lift for the GT6 came in 1970 in the form of the MK3. This time the entire bodyshell was revised to match the changes made to the Spitfire Mk IV: modifications included a cut-off rear end, recessed door handles and a smoother front end. This vehicle has been garage-kept. Original paint. Runs and drives great. 1996cc Inline 6 Engine. Manual transmission. Very good tires. This is a jazzy little fastback coupe and the design makes it both sporty and functional. This was a garage-kept vehicle in great condition.

Our price: A very affordable $11,500 OBO. Today, GT6s are quite collectible because of the smooth little six and faux E-type styling. Parts support is quite good. Has 96,903 Miles Exempt.

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