Thank you for your interest in KC Vintage Cars, formerly known as “The Langer Auto Museum.” 2015 marked our 45th year in business in Kansas City.

We support all of our members’ works in progress with knowledge & emotional support because each of us have been there when that new car rolls out of the restoration garage. Ongoing knowledge and education thru networking & sharing of ideas helps strengthen our members as well as our presence in the Greater Kansas City area.

Rudy Langer not only founded KC Vintage Cars but continues to be active no matter where his job/company is needed. Our vehicles are mostly bought and sold from the Kansas City area, but Rudy has traveled the world to complete his fine collections and to help others complete theirs.

KC Vintage Cars continues to support many charitable organizations by raising funds and actual hands on involvement. We believe we have an obligation to give back to the city which has given us so much.

We specialize in Vintage Cars in the Kansas City Area. Our extensive knowledge of vintage automobiles and classic collectible cars are sure to please the inexperienced novice and even those with the most discriminating palate.

If you have any questions regarding any of our inventory, or would like additional pictures, please contact us.


Rudy Langer

Owner/KC Vintage Cars
(816) 500-4047


KC Vintage Cars Founder and former proprietor of the Langer Auto Museum, Rudy Langer.

About Rudy Langer

Rudy Langer knows a lot about humble beginnings. When asked about his start in the auto business he heartily laughs, “I was the delivery boy for Schneider Bailey Auto Parts. Not the delivery man – the delivery boy.” 5 years later, the delivery boy was a managing partner in the business and a few short years later, Rudy Langer was not only the sole proprietor, he transformed the automotive parts business in Kansas City. Schneider Bailey was a trailblazer in customer service and sales and Langer knew his love of the car was destined for far greater things… When one abandoned National Guard Armory (circa 1919) located at 3620 Main Street crossed paths with a young immigrant visionary (Langer) at a 1981 foreclosure sale, the Langer Auto Museum was born.  In what some would have seen as a white elephant, Rudy Langer saw only potential. $600,000 and three years later, a cathedral to automotive engineering was erected under his careful direction. Langer operated his beloved Museum until his formal retirement in 2007.
Like most true car enthusiasts, Rudy didn’t let retirement stop him from indulging in his love of the automobile. He assists others in completing their collections and still buys a vintage gem here or there that tickles his fancy. Museums from across the country have displayed several of the rare and beautiful cars that comprise his vast collection.Rudy enjoys his cars, dabbling in real estate and of course, his philanthropic works with many organization in the Greater Kansas City Metro area.